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Zlin Z-50 LS

The ZLIN Z50 is a Czech-designed and built high-performance aerobatic aero­plane. It first saw the light of day in early 1976 and for those days was a remarkably advanced piece of engineering. All-alumin­ium with a single span Titanium spring for landing gear, the design was light and ex­tremely strong. Massively thick wingroots, enormous ailerons with servo-assist and an enormous fin and rudder meant an aircraft capable of withstanding huge forces when subjected to violent manouevres. The only concession to tradition is the fabric covered elevator.

Powered by Lycoming’s brilliant AEIO-540-L185D series engine, develop­ing 300hp, driving a three-blade Hoffmann constant-speed prop, the little Zlin is fast and extremely agile yet is capable of extraordi­nary things at very slow speeds.

In its hay-days, the ZlinZ50 took out 3 World championships and 4 Europe­an championships together with scores of club-level competitions. It truly ruled the skies until the advent of a new generation of super-aerobatic aircraft arrived in the shape of the Sukhoi 26 and the Extra 300.


Today, the ZlinZ50LS is still flown by the world’s finest aerobatic pilots and club pilots alike. One such pilot, 2013 Spanish National Champion Ernest “Tuckie” Artigas has helped us with the development of the Zlin through testing and invaluable advice and comment. We will continue to work together to improve this product throughout its lifecycle. That includes when we bring this exciting product to Microsoft Flight Simulator. So, strap on a Zlin Z50 in the certain knowledge that it will continue to be an exciting ride well into the future!

Our simulation includes a ferry option with wing-tip tanks and every inch of the real aircraft is reproduced in exceptional detail with highly accurate fixtures and fittings in the cockpit. Finished in full PBR materials and textures it is as close as most will get to actually sitting in and flying the iconic Zlin Z50LS.

Innovative features


  • Highly accurate, fully detailed models with many working animations.
  • Exceptionally high detail, authentic 3D modeled Lycoming engine.
  • Fully detailed complete exterior cockpit with external clickable features.
  • Full PBR (Physical Based Rendering) materials and textures throughoutt.
  • Realistic removeable animated pilot.

  • Highly accurate, fully detailed realistic cockpit.
  • True to real-world aircraft.
  • Instruments are finished with 3D paint faces and are equipped with 3D-modeled needles and pivot pins. .
  • Realistic engine starting
  • Flight dynamics authored with assistance of real-world aerobatic champion.
  • Authentic stereo sound pack
  • 4 Liveries

  • 4 colourful full PBR liveries included.
  • A professional quality paintkit will be released later..
  • Technical requirements

    • Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8, 10
    • Prepar3d V4.4 , V4.5 and V5.0+ (PBR)
    • Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM (free)
    • Hard drive : 1.78 gB
    • Video card : Nvidia 1060 6gb or higher/ Equivalent AMD card