A full manual is included with this add-on and is available from the documentation folder of the addon folder.

The paintkit below is available in PSD format. It is essential you have a programme that can open PSD formats and have a working knowledge of layers/ layer groups and layer masks.

The following is the hotfix file only. Should you only want the fix and not download the whole zip again here it is. There is a readme inside the zip but some knowledge of overwriting files is assumed.

The Supermarine spitfire Mk1a for MSFS has been built with the SDK as shipped with version 1.19.80 ( post World update VI ) of the Microsoft Flight simulator.

When the game is updated we will re test the Spitfire and will issue fixes ( if possible or required ) and/or notifications of this update or lack there of.

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Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a - MSFS

When designer Reginald J Mitchell died of cancer in 1937, although having seen the prototype take to the air the previous year, little could he have known just how much influence his brilliant design for “an all-metal monoplane, eight-gun fighter” would have on the outcome of the Second World War.

Spitfires fought from the earliest days of the War right through to its close in both the European and Pacific theatres and continued to serve with distinction through more conflicts to come all the way to the 1960s.

But it was in the darkest days of 1940, when Britain was on the back foot following a disastrous campaign in France, the following evacuations from Dunkirk and the consequential “Battle of Britain” that Mitchell’s graceful little fighter reAlly proved its mettle.


Alongside the venerable Hawker Hurricane, its stablemate in many RAF squadrons of the day, pilots flew the Spitfire into battle all throughout each day of the long hot summer of 1940.

In this simulation you will find examples of Mk1As which fought in the “Battle of Britain” piloted by some of that battle’s “aces”. You'll also find a faithful recreation of N3200 - QV one of "The Dunkirk Spitfires" unearthed from the Normandy beaches where she had lain since 1940 and restored to perfection and flying condition today.

We will take you through all the necessary steps needed to fly a Spitfire, point out some of the design’s unique features and get you as close as possible to feeling what it would have been like to fly this incredible aeroplane.

Innovative features

The most accurate simulation replica of a Mk1A Spitfire you will ever find.

  • Beautifully crafted exterior and interior models built from years of research and using factory drawings and plans.
  • Fully detailed authentic cockpit with many unique animations and functions.
  • 'Modern' avionics suite available with a switch-out for those that like a modern approach to their simming!
  • Special effects include engine exhaust and radiator heat vapour.
  • Highly accurate, animated pilot with correct 1938 pattern goggles, sunshade and oxygen mask.
  • Functional exterior battery cart, mandatory for starting early Spitfires
  • Beautifully crafted, professional "Merlin II" sound set.
  • Highly accurate flight dynamics and performance specifications ensure an authentic flight.
  • Unique coding irons out that terrible MSFS "tail-dragger" behaviour!
  • 6 Authentic liveries

  • 19 Squadron - "QV" original and restored versions.
  • 19 Squadron - "QV-K Squadron Leader Brian Lane "Yellow-nose"
  • 602 Squadron - "LO-G" P.O. O. Hanbury
  • 609 Squadron - "PR-F" PO Sydney Jenkin Hill
  • 610 Squadron - "DW-E" PO Constantine Pegge
  • 54 Squadron - "KL-B" F.O. A. "Al" Deere
  • 74 Squadron - "ZP-C" Squadron Leader John Freeborn
  • A professional PSD based paintkit.
  • EXTRA : Special tribute alloy livery
  • Technical requirements

    We are delighted to bring you an exciting new development and the best bit is, IT'S FREE! During the development phase of our Spitfire Mk1A, we have been working with the guys at AUTHENTIKIT who design amazingly realistic controls for use with flight simulators, that can be 3D printed by you at home or by specialist printers who will do the job for you.

    They have now perfected a set of controls for the Mk1A Spitfire. First up are the throttle quadrant and trim controls set. To follow will be the control column and that famouse ring-grip and firing button!

    These controls are superbly designed with extraordinary authenticity and are "top-drawer" quality. Amazingly, they are inexpesive to produce. So as part of the Spitfire Mk1A release we are providing the STL file for the throttle quadrant and trim controls set for you to download, absolutely free.

    Once you have your files, follow the instructions in the accompanying PDF and more details at Authentikit's website, https://authentikit.org/spitfire-mk1a/ If you've ever wondered how a real Spitfire "feels" to fly, the Aeroplane Heaven Spitfire Mk1A together with a set of controls by Authentikit is the only way to do it!