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The following utility provides historically accurate tail insignia. If the use/transmission/display of the historically accurate insignia is illegal/banned in your country you must not download this file..

The Heinkel He-111 P2 is compatible with all versions of Prepar3d with the following notes

We've tested it in Version 4.5 as of 10 March 2019

We have also installed into the documentation folder a insignia switcher should you wish to switch the tail insignia. By default this is the alternate version.

- Use the FSX_P3D installer for P3d up to 4.3.

- If you have purchased the P3D V4.4+ dedicated model then use the Prepar3d_v4.4 installer.

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We have changed the way that we package our installers. If you are wishing to install the products into multiple simulators just run the installer again and choose that version.

Updates and upgrades will always emailed to the email you used to purchase.

Heinkel He-111 P2

Owing to restrictions placed on Germany after WW1 with strict controls on armament design and manufacture, the first examples of the Heinkel HE 111 design masqueraded as civilian airliners.

First used in the Spanish Civil War, the iconic bomber served well and enjoyed considerable notoriety in the early months of WW2. Right across Europe, the Heinkel first brought the fearsome “Blitzkreig” to the theatre of war.

It was during the Battle of Britain and the “Blitz” that the Heinkel HE 111 became famous – recognisable by all for its “glass-house” nose and cockpit. It was this cockpit arrangement that actually led to the aeroplane's demise as frontal attacks from the RAF's fighters often proved fatal. Although the design of the airframe itself proved it could withstand a great deal of punishment.


Despite its losses during the summer of 1940, the Heinkel HE 111 was constantly developed and improved in years to follow. The aircraft saw service in all the major theatres of WW2 and was used to deliver “Buzz-bomb” rocket propelled, guided bombs, torpedoes in shipping attacks and a vast array of other ordnance. Two Heinkels, bolted together with a common centre wing and a fifth engine were called “Zwilling” and produced in small numbers to tow giant gliders.

After the War, Spain continued to build the Heinkel under licence and dubbed the CASA 2 111. Ironically these machines were powered by the Spitfire and Hurricane's Rolls Royce Merlin engines.

Our project illustrates the P2 variant, an early version and a combatant in the Battle of France and Battle of Britain. Flying that glass-house cockpit is an interesting experience and a change from the constrictive enclosed cockpits of other simulation aircraft. We promise an unique and rewarding ride with the new Heinkel HE 111!

Innovative features

Amazing features

  • Accurately modelled in High Fidelity with an enormous amount of authentic detail
  • Fully animated complex control systems for rudder, aileron and elevator are present and the entire pilot's position, seat, pedals and control column system raises and lowers just as the real thing to give better visibility on take-off, landings and whenever forward vision is obscured.
  • “Secret” modern navigation suite fitted to the cockpit for IFR navigation.
  • Highly realistic, animated pilot, bomb-aimer and mid upper gunner.
  • Authentic stereo sound pack with the signature “out of sync” engine throb at full throttle.

  • A 2D configuration panel for setting up “Cold-Dark” starts and bomb dropping.

  • 10 Authentic liveries.
  • A bonus "barn find" version in the P3D 4.4+ version
  • Textures are created using new-technology “PBR Workflow” techniques as used in many of today's successful computer games. This brings a new level of realism to your flight simulation experience!
  • A “Pro”-quality paint-kit is provided to create your own liveries and paint schemes.
  • Technical requirements

    • Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8, 10
    • FSX SP2/Accel pack/Steam
    • Prepar3d V2.x V3.x V4.3 (compatible)
    • Prepar3d V4.4+ (dedicated)
    • Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM (free)
    • Hard drive : 900 MB
    • Simulator compatibility information


    Unedited screenshots.


    This simulation has been designed for FSX, FSXSE, P3DV3, P3DV4.4 and P3DV4.5+ It is important to select the correct installer when buying.
    There are basically three ways to buy the Aeroplane Heaven Heinkel HE 1-11 P2:

    For FSX and P3DV3 and P3DV4

    If you are running FSX and/or P3D up to and including V4, this is the package you buy.
    • FSX ( All versions )
    • Prepar3d V 2.x 3.x
    • Prepar3d V 4.3 ( non PBR )

    For P3DV4.4 and P3DV4.5+

    If you are running P3DV4.4 and above, this is the package you buy
    • Prepar3d V 4.4 ( PBR )
    • Prepar3d V 4.5 ( PBR )

    Heinkel Bundle

    If you are running ALL, that is FSX, P3DV3, 4 and 4.4 +, then this bundle package is the one you need to buy.
    • FSX ( All versions )
    • Prepar3d V 2.x 3.x 4.3 ( non PBR )
    • Prepar3d V 4.4 , 4.5 ( PBR )