Home built Spitfire

Like you, we remember the good old days when if we wanted to fly a Spitfire all we needed was a carboard box and a plastic chair. So we thought what about re living those good old days.

This is not a deep systems cardboard Spitfire. As we all know cardboard throughout the war years varied greatly and as such we simply couldnt properly simulate all the different styles of cardboard that were used during this time. We hope that you still enjoy the aircraft for what it is.

How to install

How to install the aeroplane ? Well it is as simple as taking the ah-cardspit folder from the zip and dropping it into your community folder of your Microsoft Flight simulator. Dont know where the Community folder is for your flight simulator ? Click the following link for some help on that. https://is.gd/3NNXol

How to fly the Spitfire

What are the controls ? To start a cardboard Spitfire you have a few things to get right. Find a plastic chair instead of the comfy one that you are currently sitting in and use that chair. Then shout " clear prop " as loudly as you can. Disregard the odd looks you get... they arent flying the famous Spitfire. Then hold down CTRL and the E key at the same time. This is important. The engine will not start if you do not do this. There is gear. So rememember to hit that G key once you're in the air. And again if you're going to land it again. Dont worry about the lean it evens out once you get some speed. Landing is tricky. But then it always was in real life.

I want to fire the guns! Dont we all. The effects have been slaved to the Light key. If you have assists on in your sim for lighting you may find that you are firing your guns all the time. Turning off the Light key ( L default ) will stop the guns from firing. Unfortunately we did not have the time to port over the sound so you will need to make the dakka--dakka noises yourself.