Bristol Bulldog MKIIA

The Bristol Bulldog was originally designated Type 105. It was an advanced aircraft for its day and the prototype first flew on 17th. May 1927 with excellent reports. Deliveries began in 1929 and the MkIIA soon followed with many improvements including a larger tail area for better spin recovery.

Pilots found the Bulldog to be easy to fly and as it was fully aerobatic took full advantage of its powerful Bristol Jupiter engine and inherently strong airframe. A mixture of fabric and alloy construction, the design used tubular metal framework and extremely sturdy wing spars to withstand the considerable forces of a rigorous aerobatic programme. Many RAF squadrons created display teams and the Bulldog was a familiar sight at airshows throught the 1930's.

One pilot, the legendary Douglas Bader, survived a catastrophic crash in his Bulldog, attempting a slow roll at too low an altitude. As result he lost both legs. As history now records, he went on to become a leading ace in the Battle of Britain.


A short career came to an end in 1937, when the Bulldog was replaced in the front line by the Gloster Gauntlet. However, many Bulldogs were transferred to training units where many a future Battle of Britain pilot took their first solo flights in a Bristol. We have modeled this simulation with as many working features as possible including the special pressuried gas-starter, wing-mounted, wind-powered generator, cocking levers on the twin Vickers machine guns and opening ammunition boxes. All wires and struts are correctly modeled complete with scale turnbuckles and the brake wires and levers on the wheels are animated.

The flight dynamics are challenging but generally, the Bulldog is a pleasure to fly on scenery excursions and of course all your favourite aerobatic routines. Although the Bulldog pre-dates any sophisticated navigation equipment, we have included navigation radios and an RMI which are hidden until a switch is pressed for those who enjoy VFR and IFR transitional flights.

If you enjoyed our Grumman F3F, you're going to love the Bulldog!


Actual unedited screenshots. ( work in progress )