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Fairchild C-119 "The Flying Boxcar"

Making its maiden flight in 1947, the Fairchild C-119 was developed from the wartime C-82 Packet.

The twin booms and high-set wing suspend a rudimentary box-shaped fuselage designed to carry large amounts of cargo and parachute troops for delivery to the front line. It is no surprise then, that the design quickly earned its nickname, “The Flying Boxcar”.

When production ceased in 1955, over 1,100 examples had been built in various configurations including heavily-armed “Shadow” and “Stinger” gunships.

This venerable cargo-hauler was used extensively in the Korean War dropping thousands of tons of much-needed supplies and countless parachute troop drops. It saw service with the US Navy, US Marine Corps and the USAF.


The USAF Strategic Air Command operated C-119s from 1955 through to 1973 and the type saw service in many covert actions including aerial recovery of secret film from spy satellites.

Many other nations also operated “Boxcars” and the aircraft also served in civilian guise as a tanker and bulk cargo carrier.

Our model includes many special features including a fully detailed cargo bay, deployable para-troops and a cargo-drop function. The cockpit is authentically modelled and provides a highly realistic flying experience.

Innovative features

Amazing features

  • Hi-fidelity models with a huge amount of authentic detail
  • Authentic cockpit with all controls accurately portrayed and animated.
  • Detailed cargo bay with opening doors.
  • Animated, realistic Pilot, co-pilot and Loadmaster figures.
  • Highly detailed P&W radial engines with superb stereo sound pack.
  • Animations include all flying surfaces, flaps, trimtabs and authentic landing gear operation.
  • Detailed Manual and Flying Guide provided.

  • A special configuration facility allows you to set the aircraft for a “Cold-Dark” start, select cargo options and carry out parachute drops from a selectable 2D panel.
  • A choice of “clean” , cargo or paratroop drop versions is provided for creating missions.

  • 6 Authentic liveries cover examples from the US and International forces.
  • Textures are created using new-technology “PBR Workflow” techniques as used in many of today's successful computer games. This brings a new level of realism to your flight simulation experience!
  • A “Pro”-quality paint-kit is provided to create your own liveries and paint schemes.
  • Technical requirements

    • Windows XP SP3 , Vista , 7, 8, 10
    • FSX SP2/Accel pack/Steam
    • Prepar3d V2.x V3.x V4.0 (compatible)
    • Ram : Minimum 2 + GB RAM
    • Hard drive : 900 MB
    • Simulator compatibility information


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